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Automatic Gate Openers, Garage Door Openers and French Window Shuttered Doors

EVO 700

€ 163.00EUR

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EVO 700 Swing Gate actuator  with 500mm stroke ideal for gates up to 4m /14 ft length each leaf.

  • 12V or 24V version available (24V version is recommended for heavy gates and SOFT STOP options)
  • Integrated limit stops are available for easier installation in "FC" version (for both open & closed gate position)
  • 500 mm stroke  actuator is ideal to be installed on medium / big gates or large pillars
  • This electromechanical irreversible actuator comes with 1m outdoor use cable H05RN-F 2 x 1mmq; set of fixing brackets and unlocking key for emergency manual release
  • Vintage design with unsurpassed reliability
  • Massive motor-gear unit for reliable power transmission
  • Actuator can be installed either on the right or on the left of the gate
  • Ideal for intensive use in any climate
  • The gate keeps automatically locked. The self-locking properties of the spindle increase the protection against a dangerous and unauthorized “pressing” of the gate and the otherwise necessary electric locks for the final positions can be omitted but recommended for wing measuring over 2,8m


Actuator made of durable materials. Each component is made in the ideal material to ensure quality , reliability in all weather conditions, long lasting performances and safety: our DC actuators ensures double electrical insulation

  • Stainless steel pipe AISI 304
  • PR80 steel 3 principles 20mm main screw
  • Syntherized gears
  • C40 steel worm screw machined and lapped by rolling machine
  • Rotor made with double insulated copper Class H 200°C
  • Extruded painted aluminium
  • High strength and double motor insulation: Nylon-glass integrated back fork guarantees double electrical insulation. Durable, withstands all weather conditions
  • Hostaform® three principles nut screw for a long lasting high-performance

Motor power supply (version 24V)
12V (24V)
dc motor 
(version 24V)
60W (120W)
max pushing & power 
(version 24V)
1200N (2400N)
Stroke 500mm
motor speed 
(version 24V)
1,5 cm/sec (2cm/sec)
telescopic pipe -
working cycles limit continuous use
working temperature -20°C/+50°C
max wing length 4m/14 ft   each leaf
max.wing weight 
(version 24V)
250kg(400kg/800lb) each leaf
max. opening angle 137°
automatic wing lock  √ irreversible actuator
manual release system √ by triangular key
Max "C" measure /pillar dimension (see pillar installation diagram on instruction manual) to install the actuator avoiding any masonry work on the pillar 26
Compatible with  gate opening towards outside


The actuator will stop by amperometrical detection system: it therefore requires mechanical limits to be installed on the ground to stop the gate wing in the open and closed position. Special "FC" version are featured with on-board mechanical limits for the open & closed wing position. Warning: a stopper fixed to the ground is still recommended  for the closed position of the gate.  


12V version actuator is compatible to all DUCATI's 12V swing gate opener control boxes 

24V version actuator is compatible to all DUCATI's 24V swing gate opener control boxes 

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